The introduction paragraph should include a brief summary of the article. For example, the genre of and number of performers in a group, or the size of a venue (bar, hall, arena). Include sufficient information to explain who or what the article concerns, but leave details for sections of the article. Include headings and subeheadings as necessary - those given below are just suggested ones.


Subdivide by important time periodsEdit

Artist biographies, venue or label histories, and whatever comprises the 'story' of the subject of your article.

Members or RosterEdit

Include a subheading for touring members, or lineups defined by time periods.Edit

Name band members and their instruments, or the roster of a label. 

Discography or Event HistoryEdit

For artists and labels, begin by stating the number of releases in the subject's catalogue.

  • Enumerate releases in bullet points. Italicize titles (and include the year)

For venues and promoters, list notable (or any) events hosted. For festivals, include all years in which the festival was held.

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